An interesting year, a long wait and the future prospectives of 2016

More then a year has passed from my first post about the journey into my MD career, some things stayed the same, some changed but one thing remained unaccomplished. I haven`t retaken my USMLE Step 1 and now is the time .

I have finished medical school, passed my final thesis examination and obtained a spot as a general surgery resident. All in all it was a good year but somethings remain unchanged, I still have the drive to continue my medical training in the US, and above all the things taken into consideration up to now this represents a challenge that I want to overcome. To take hold of the knowledge that I think I lost on my way towards my final year as a medical student (integration of all that I have studied, a review of the last 6 years).

So here are the facts. I am in the process of studying for STEP 1, and I have exactly 90 days for this. I aim at a score of 240 from the alloted 308 test questions and I`m readier then ever to fulfill this goal.

I will start writing about my program and resources I use in a step by step fashion, a journal for everyone that would find this useful.

After my credentials arrive (more on the subject of Graduate credentials in a future post) and are proccesed by ECFMG I will be able to program my examination day (28 April is my preferred day). This gives me approximately 80 days to go until D-day.

I am optimistic and focused on the job at hand and I hope I will not embarrass myself (me being my biggest critic) :).

After this long „break” I will get started in my next post by presenting you some new resources that I have been using for the past weeks which I find useful.

Thank you for your appreciations and I hope that you all had a successful year. I wish you all the best and good luck at fulfilling your most ambitious projects in the year ahead.

Until next time, stay sharp!




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