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How to lose weight after 40 years

From this article you will learn:

  • What three foods to give up to lose weight and become healthier
  • What physical activity is recommended for women after 40 years
  • Where to take the strength and energy not to throw weight loss on the floor ways

By the age of 40, women's hormones change significantly, and this change does not contribute to weight loss at all. Every ten years, the metabolic rate decreases by two percent (according to the European Association of endocrinologists), this is due to reducing the production of progesterone by the ovaries. It turns out that all other things being equal, a particular woman at 45 years of age is harder to lose an extra kilogram than she was at 30 years old. If a lady has always had "her" diet, which helped to fit into a dress before important dates in her youth, then in adulthood it may not work. Need start by reviewing your weight loss tactics, and then you will be able to achieve the desired result.

Where to start?

When was your last medical checkup? Visit your therapist and take basic tests, analyze with your doctor the use of previously prescribed medications and planned weight loss. Ideally the same way visit a nutritionist.

Usually the nutritionist prescribes the following tests:

  • T3, T4, TTG,
  • estradiol
  • glucose
  • hemoglobin
  • insulin
  • cortisol
  • testosterone

In adulthood, it will also be great to enroll in a psychologist. Excess weight is rare recruited from scratch, their psychological problems are better to work with a specialist.

What and how is it?

If you missed the previous section, I strongly recommend that you spend 5 seconds reading it. The idea that it's all about food is wrong. As a rule, it leads to breakdowns and the return of the hated pounds.

Psychological problems and an imbalance in hormones gives the wrong, sick eating behavior. You may want to eat too much when you're not really hungry. And willpower is a finite resource.

If the state if it allows you to reduce your callout, then it is enough to give up sugar, flour and alcohol. After 40 years, useful fats are needed more than ever, they can not be reduced. Complex carbohydrates will help you get satiated for a long time. Vegetables and fruits will provide essential nutrients. Protein in the form of lean meat will allow your muscles to grow. Therefore, how would it not be unfortunate this is not read, you will have to remove from the diet that without which you can perfectly live and thrive. An additional reward for avoiding sugar, flour and alcohol will be a visible reduction in cellulite, which is very rare in women after 40 years.

How to train?

Your background is important in training planning. Whether you have been working out before, how long ago, and what your workload was. With proper nutrition for weight loss, it is enough to walk at least 40 minutes a day and do small workouts 3 times a week. You can swim vigorously, work out in the gym, or go to group classes.

How not to lose motivation?

To keep yourself in shape, you need to turn on mindfulness and never turn it off again. You can charm men, surprise women with your shape, and be an example for children. You can look better than at 25, because you already have experience. It will be great if you have a company of like-minded women. You will easily find fit, optimistic women of your own age in a sports club. In your usual company, you can easily become the most slender and athletic. It's much easier now than when you were younger, and your friends "went out" on genetics, while doing nothing.

I wish you good luck in losing weight!

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