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Acute pancreatitis? Learn more about diagnostics and treatment!

Almost everyone of us has experienced a sharp shingling pain in the abdominal cavity, which sometimes makes it impossible even to straighten up to full height. I will tell you in detail how to correctly diagnose it and talk about treatment for acute exacerbations pancreatitis's.


  • In acute pancreatitis-determination of amylase in the blood. It quickly returns to normal, so you need to take it in the first day.
  • Determination of lipase is a more specific method, it remains in the blood longer bloods.
  • The elastase test can detect endocrine insufficiency at an early stage.
  • Ultrasound: there may be pseudocysts, calcification, and compaction of the ducts.
  • Coprogram: fat and undigested muscle fibers are detected. The analysis should preferably be performed 3 times.
  • The most reliable the method is a biopsy, but it is rarely used.


  • It is necessary to eliminate the cause.
  • To reduce the secretion of pancreatic secretion.
  • Symptomatic therapy.
  • To correct related violations of the gastrointestinal tract.


In the initial period, more carbohydrates are prescribed, then easily digested proteins and fats are added.

Food should be mechanically and thermally spared: boiled or steamed, liquid or semi-liquid, warm.

If a healthy person snacking is not recommended, then in case of exacerbation pancreatitis shows frequent meals in small portions. The smaller the volume – the less stimulation, which is what we want.

Alcohol and Smoking are strictly contraindicated, as well as products with a concoction effect: broths and broths, fried, smoked, canned goods, flour products, coffee, tea, chocolate, beverages, spicy spices, etc. spices, products with essential oils (onions, garlic, sour vegetables and fruits).

To reduce bile stasis, reduce inflammation, normalize gastric motility and alkalize 12 pups, medium-mineralized waters with bicarbonates, sulfate ions and 2-valent sulfur are recommended. Accept in a warm form for 10-15 minutes before eating.


Microspherical forms are used (CREON, Erminthal, enzymes with eicherb, n-p Enzymedica), and not tableted (Mezim). In the composition of enzymes for the treatment of the pancreas, it is important to have Lipase in sufficient quantities. Must not contain bile acids, and mucosal exctract membranes of the stomach (pepsin).

Enzymes are taken during meals.

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