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A hip diet that will suit you

Here is a special diet for the buttocks and thighs. Why for these particular body parts?

A simple and affordable diet will help you get your legs in order.

Yes, all because with any diet in the first place will be lose weight face and chest, but the legs lose weight much longer and so sometimes it is worth taking time to them. This diet will not only allow you to lose weight in your legs, but also get an anti-cellulite effect.

The ban covers fatty, fried, smoked products, various pastries and sweets. From drinks allowed use juices, coffee, and tea. In addition, you can eat fruits and even a little alcohol.

Sports and healthy eating are the two main components of a beautiful body.

In order not to gain lost pounds, and to improve the body's metabolism is best switch to a 7-time meal, with food portions not exceeding 200 grams. During the diet, it is necessary to eat such products as white fish, lean meat, lean meat, bread, vegetables and potatoes, for a side dish suitable for pasta and rice.

Each morning you should start with two glasses of slightly warmed water water, with a small amount of honey or lemon. Try to increase the physical load on the body, to enhance the effect of the diet and in addition, you will tighten the body.

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