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Refrigerator – the first enemy of losing weight

I, like most women, have put on a lot of weight with age. Many times I tried to lose weight, I sat on different diets, but…

In short, one day I got tired of all this, and I began to accept my body for what it is. I pushed the scales away and didn't reach for them for several years, until I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. She looks at me and says: "Listen, you've lost so much weight, can you tell me what kind of diet you're on?»

But the funny thing is, I didn't even notice it. I took out the scales-BA, and the truth is-20 kg, as it never happened! It turned out that my diet helped me lose weight. own laziness.

Now I will tell you how it happened…

I spent all of last summer in the country. Kitchen garden and all that… It so happened that at the very beginning of the season, an old refrigerator at my dacha failed. There was nothing new to buy, so I spat and left everything as it was.

The store is not far from the house very far away, I thought, all that is required can be quickly run away and buy. At first, I did. I didn't cook a lot (so as not to spoil it), and I went and bought milk or meat in the store, just to have one meal.

But I got tired of it quickly, because it took up too much time. For example, to prepare dinner, get out of the garden, wash, change clothes. Then go to the store, cook. And then you might even have to go to dinner. In short, all this running around with changing clothes got me pretty fed up and I began to go to the store less and less often.

By the way, during this time in the garden has grown greens, so a trip to the store it was now just a morning ritual. More and more often I began to eat "foot food": radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc.

Of course, at first, out of habit, the hands themselves reached for the refrigerator door. Well, since it does not work, you will look at the empty shelves with the idea that you need to go to the store, and close the door. And go to the store I'm too lazy to change clothes, so I'd better go and pick a cucumber and radish in the garden and make a salad.

That's how, over the summer, I lost a couple of dozen kilograms thanks to my own laziness. A kind of life hack for those who want to lose weight quickly. After all, how many depends in our life on the refrigerator! People themselves do not notice how they "get hooked" on it, like addicts.

Now I understand why there were very few fat people in ancient times. They just didn't have a refrigerator!

If you don't believe it, then do an experiment. Calculate how many times a day you open your account the refrigerator door, the result will be unpleasant to surprise…

Of course, during the winter in the city apartment, I ate too much. But I don't worry. Soon it will be the summer season again, but now I will purposefully not buy a new refrigerator. Because I know for a fact that he is the worst enemy for overweight people! And without it only one pluses:

  • power saving;
  • daily walks to the store;
  • save your budget (don't buy extra).

Of course, this way to get in shape is not suitable for family people, but very lonely people. So make a note of it. At the same time, you do not have to go to the dacha, you can disable this unit in your own apartment. Or just give it to the enemy…

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