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- 38kg and this is not the final weight loss, we continue to clean the stomach and flanks on the delicious menu.

Hello, everybody! I am very glad that you came to my channel. My name is Nikolai, I am only 37 years old, height 169 cm and weight at the moment less than 80 kg, well, about that. I started losing weight 16 September and weight then was 117,500, in a word Kolobok.

Losing weight by 38 kg is certainly not so easy, but I would not say that it is very hard. The hardest part is to remove the stomach and flanks. After all, for some reason, it is the stomach that leaves last. But not anything, we will remove it, too, only over time, or else droops. In our case, the rush to anything good will not. You will have to work long and hard on yourself. At the end of the article, I will leave a link to the article, where there are my photos.

Everyone thought that the summer would come and everyone would start running, jumping and riding bicycles together, and then we would definitely lose weight, but in the meantime, we can still do it on our own there is more. But it was not there, we are practically sitting at home and we do not know how long we will stay there. So we need to start acting now and by the end of the self-isolation to go out on the street with a normal scale, so that all eyes will pop out and ask HOW ? And you are such, Yes easily . I have about so and was, in the winter, little whom you will meet, and even the winter clothes hide. But now you go to the store and yourself easily and your friends are surprised. And just that, I just changed my diet ( see below) and began to walk more on foot and do a little exercise, but in the morning to do exercise. If I had listened to my subscribers and guests of the channel earlier and started walking in the gym, the effect would probably be better.

Here is a sample menu for the day on which I continue my weight loss.


I made oatmeal porridge for Breakfast. In the evening, I poured kefir, and in the morning I had to add something delicious. Today is my day the choice fell on prunes. It turns out very tasty. Hercules I use only the one that you need to cook for 20 minutes, it is more useful. 3 boutiques of bread rolls and lightly salted trout. And of course green tea without sugar. 520 calories.

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my breakfast.


For a snack, one Apple and one pear. Now fruits are strictly before lunch, later only vegetables. 165 calories'.

my fruit snack


For lunch, baked shanks in the oven, crumb-potatoes with cheese, vegetables and two loaves of bread mix with vegetables sprinkled with grated cheese and warmed in the microwave. 710 calories.

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For a snack, one tomato and a couple of loaves of bread. 60 calories.

my snack


I didn't do much cooking for dinner, but I cooked a couple of chicken eggs in half with my dogs, I got the white, and they got the yolk. They're just crazy about him. One loaf of bread and a Cup of kefir. 150 calories.

Samay is simple dinner.


Here is the menu that came out. On the streets, the weather is cool, although now it has not rained much, and so I want a barbecue, Yes potatoes in the coals to bake, but you can not yet, or they will scold or even worse, a fine will be issued.

Link to my delicious menu and my photos with a big belly and already almost without it, click.

Thank you for reading the entire article, put a class and subscribe to my channel, we will try to lose weight together by the end of self-isolation and finally rush to nature or even better to the sea.

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